DEFI Dashboard Crypto Market analytics

Our Expertise
UI Design
Our task was to redesign the app that provides an overall snapshot of the crypto market. We had to keep in mind that the app was already launched and had an active user base and we needed to make sure that the new design will be friendly for them.
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Project Roadmap
We had 6 weeks for a redesign which is quite a tight deadline for such complex projects. From one side we don't need to invent the wheel, all the functionality already exists. But from another side, we had a lot of data from real users to work with, and analyzing it takes time.
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Collecting Data
We had A LOT of data to work with. The product itself is about data analytics and our clients were data geeks. They provided all the possible data from real users. We had all the statistics, we did many user interviews and competitors review.
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Design System
The client didn't have a design system before and we had to create it from scratch. Every project with plans to grow in the future needs to have a clear and detailed design system with all the possible states. It helps to expand the project easily.
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White / Dark Design
Based on the data collected from users we decided to create both white and black versions. It's a common approach these days, almost every big app has these 2 versions.
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In the end, we delivered a fully-functional design that is ready for implementation and easy to scale for future updates. The design was created based on the data collected from real users. The app consists of a huge amount of charts and graphs and we made these data-heavy layouts as easy to read as possible.
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