Website for CRM System with Focus on Planning

Our Expertise
UI Design
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The client wanted to create a website to promote their brand new product - a CRM system for the construction industry with the main purpose of helping with planning tasks and managing people resources. We decided to create a design with a chill and relaxed vibe, we wanted to show through the design that "everything is under control, everything is planned and you don't have anything to worry about".
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Project Roadmap
We had a very tight deadline on this project and correct planning was a huge part of our success. Proper time management allowed us to not skip any important phase and deliver high-quality results.
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UI Design
The most enjoyable part of this project was the UI phase. We believe in the idea that design should evoke emotion. The combination of purple with shades of white and gray creates a calm and relaxed vibe, a vibe of something that you can trust which certainly affects the user's choice in favor of the product. We also wanted to show that the product was created in Switzerland, and Switzerland is home to beautiful mountain views and nature in general.
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We used a lot of graphics with nature, such as mountains, calm lakes, and trees. In combination with calm colors, it allowed us to achieve a goal and make a design that gives the impression of something that you can trust. And of course, it allowed us to achieve an award for the best UI design on Behance and got listed as the best website design ;)
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