Mobile Application for closet management

Our Expertise
Product Design / Startup / MVP
Our task was to create a Mobile Application in a high-fashion niche with a target audience of fashion experts and users whose hobby is fashion and collecting luxury clothes. The main idea of the application was to give users the ability to show their collections and items history and allow trading of clothes with each other.
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Project Roadmap
We set a project roadmap at the beginning of every project. We are always trying to make sure that the project timeline and work process are clear for the client.
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Collecting Data
Collecting as much data as possible is a fundament of every project. However, it could be quite challenging if the project is unique. Research becomes a much more hardcore task if you can't analyze the competitors. Inventing a "weel" for the first time wasn't easy. Thankfully there are a lot of other ways of collecting data.
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User Personas
Simple rule, to create a product, we need to know who our target audience is, what their interests are, what their pain points are, etc. This information helps to remove unnecessary functions and focus on key features which our audience really needs. Focus groups and interviews with real user helps a lot.
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During this phase, we define all the features and structure of the app. We will have a complete app at the end of the phase but without "interior decorations".
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UI Design
As the first step of the UI Design phase, we create a design system/components. We set a lot of different elements to the library to make sure that the app is consistent and easy to scale in the future. After that, we build the UI of the app using already created components.
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In the end, we created a classy and stylish design that fits the niche. We’ve implemented different features such as detailed statistics, complete item history, and the ability to review the clothes of your friends or just other people which makes the app partly a social media.
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