HOA management SaaS application

Our Expertise
MVP and UX/UI Design
We were approached by a client with a request to create an MVP of the SaaS application that helps Home Owners Associations (HOA) with managing their finances. The client had a clear idea of what he is looking for but had very little experience with translating his thought into a real product. We had to be "translators" from the client's language to the investors' and developers' language.
Livy Livy
Project Roadmap
We had 5 weeks for building an Informational Architecture, Wireframes and UI Design.
Livy Livy
Like with any product during the early stages, the client had too many ideas with limited resources and we had to define what is essential. We have to always keep in mind that the client needs to launch the product with minimal costs and maximum efficiency even if the client himself forgets about this, usually clients want to achieve everything at once.
Livy Livy
UI Design
Every financial dashboard is data-heavy. We have to show a huge amount of data in a very limited space and we have to make sure that this data is easy to read. We tried to use visual design as much as possible - icons, indications of negative and positive numbers, etc.
Also, we focus on managing the visual hierarchy through the right accents in typography
Livy Livy
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