Premium Dental Clinic

UI Design
Service Design / Branding
Trust - it's what medical services advertising is all about. And the more your services cost, the "higher" you rate your services - the more trust you need. So, we had to build trust through the website, had to show that people can rely on our client services and it's worth the money it cost.
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Project Roadmap
As always, data collecting is a fundamental part of every project. Then we proceeded with wireframes and creating the structure. And finally, we created a beautiful UI design with a detailed design system. The whole project took 5 weeks.
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UI Design
Also, we used photos of hi-tech medical equipment because we know that people like everything related to modern technologies, and cool photos of cool machines give the vibes of a modern scientistic laboratory rather than a dental clinic.
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Our approach to this project allowed us to create a positive impression of not being "another dental clinic" and create initial trust between the user and the clinic. The design looks beautiful and professional at the same time.
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