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Neo Bank App
Our Expertise
Product Design / Informational Architecture
The task was to create a design for a neobank fintech start-up. The target audience of the bank is people in age 18 - 35 years - Z generation and Millenials. They are proficient with modern technologies but they are overwhelmed with information on the internet at the same time. That's why they value simple but effective things. Aesthetical factor plays a huge role for them too.
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Project Roadmap
We had 10 weeks for building an Informational Architecture, Wireframes and UI Design.
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Collecting Data
Based on the task we figured out that our main priority was making flows of key bank features, for example transferring money as fast and simple as possible. Our users value their time and most likely they have a few other bank apps installed on their phones in case they don't like ours.
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Informational Architecture
Every bank app has a very complex functionality with lots of different features. Creating a complete informational architecture in the early stages is key to future success. We need to make sure that we included everything and that all the data is properly structured.
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While creating the wireframes we realized that no matter how much time you spent on the preparation it's never enough. We had to get back to the previous stages lots of times, and we had to constantly change the initial scope but that's what creating big projects looks like. You have to be flexible. In the end, we delivered all the wireframes and finished the UX phase.
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UI Design
To be honest, UI is the easiest part of these kinds of projects and every designer enjoys it most. It's a relief in comparison with previous steps but it's still an equally important part. We need to follow the main idea and make UI stand out from competitors but keep it as simple and clean as possible. And of course, we created a complete design system with 600+ elements.
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In the end, we delivered a fully built and esthetically pleasant design with a lot of business logic inside. We followed the idea of keeping "complicated things simple" from the very beginning to the very end.
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